My thoughts on FIFA 18

Hello and welcome to today’s blog post on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this post, I am going to be blogging about my thoughts on FIFA 18; the association football video game that was recently released for all major video game consoles in September.

As previously stated in my blog post about PES 2018, only recently did the main football league season start again for the next year, so this meant that adding to the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 in September, the next iteration of FIFA would arrive too. Anyway, repeating what I said earlier, today I will be talking about my views on the game and will talk about what I feel has improved from FIFA 17. Adding to this, I also hope to talk about the few negatives that I have experienced since the game came out a few weeks ago now.

FIFA 18 The Journey (In Menus)

FIFA 18 as a video game is distinctly based on the sport of football, so gameplay is based around how the physical activity takes place. Anyhow, some of the new features included ‘Real Player Motion Technology’ and ‘Immersive Atmospheres’, as well to the advances made to the Ultimate Team and Career Mode modes. Referring to what I said earlier about the features respectively, the former has a new system which relates to the animation that unlocks the ‘next level of responsiveness’, while the latter features a variety of icons that comes together to bring ‘immersive experiences’. In the end, no new modes are added, except from the sequel of The Journey: Hunter Returns; based around the young soccer star Alex Hunter.


When comparing FIFA to its rival Pro Evolution Soccer, I feel that many people in at least my case say that the former is much better because of the licenses. While I can agree that FIFA excels in terms of licenses, such as the inclusion of many licensed competitions and leagues, it shouldn’t really justify a purchase decision in my opinion. Anyway, on the talk around this, the third division in the structure of the German league, was included in FIFA 18 for the first time, as well as some new stadiums; as far as I know. The cover star for this year’s version is the Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo and included in the game are tracks from music artists such as Run the Jewels, Avelino, and as well as grime artists Stormzy and Skepta.


To conclude with the review today, hopefully, by looking at what I have written about above, you will now understand my opinions on the recently released game. I really feel that FIFA 18 has improved from the previous edition released back in last year, regard modes such as The Journey and Career Mode; but however, both of them could still be better. Anyway, as most of you would have gathered from my previous blog about Pro Evolution Soccer; is that I prefer that franchise, but I still feel that FIFA 18 is a very enjoyable game.


I hope you enjoyed my latest Stephen Blogs on blog, and if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave one below!


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