The Holiday Experience

Hello and welcome to today’s blog post on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this blog, I am going to be blogging about The Holiday Experience, and what I got up to within a recent ‘near enough’ two-week holiday in Norfolk, England.

As previously stated in the June 2017 blog post ‘The Summer Break’, I had a two-week camping trip, and in this blog post, I will reflect my thoughts on the holiday. Originally planned to go for two weeks, so fourteen days; in the end, thanks to not good weather conditions, we had to leave two days earlier than expected. Also in this blog post, I feel that I should talk about recent purchases that I made, including both relating to DVDs and video games. Finally, for the month of August, I will only be writing two blog posts.

2017-07-25 14.57.59

In actual fact, the summer holiday that we went on for this year, was actually not the first time that we did this, as we have done the same for a few years now. Just like the previous few years, we stayed in a campsite near the town of Fakenham, which in my own opinion is a generally nice place. Anyway, apart from that, we travelled to areas both near and far – well I mean the furthest was around 45 minutes away, but this covered areas such as Cromer, Sheringham and Wroxham. Talking about the latter, quite oddly, most of the stores around the place are Roys, a department store that solely just features in Norfolk. Attached as well in this blog post are a few photographs that I took throughout the time.

2017-07-29 15.36.26

The weather that took place during our holiday was, in my opinion, hardly surprising as we were still in the United Kingdom, and on most days it included some sunshine, a lot of rain, and gusts of wind. As I said earlier in this post, we had to leave earlier than expected, and this was basically down to the poor weather conditions; and in the end, our tent snapped and broke. Anyway, as I spoke about earlier, I made some purchases including both video games and DVDs; such as Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for the PlayStation 4, Minecraft: Story Mode for the Xbox 360, Men In Black (1997), and finally The Inbetweeners Movie (2011). As well as these few samples, more purchases were made, including the PlayStation 2.

2017-08-01 11.53.58

So in conclusion, what I have written above is basically what my thoughts were on my holiday that happened in the last month. Quickly going off topic, I am still on the hunt for new job roles, and myself hopes that in the next month or two, I can basically find a good job for myself. Anyway, talking about the holiday again; I felt that it was a nice opportunity to get away and have a rest from the local area where I live in, and which allowed me to see the many distinct surroundings in the East Anglia county of North Norfolk.


I hope you enjoyed my latest Stephen Blogs on blog, and if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave one below!


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