PSP Console Review

Hello and welcome to today’s blog on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this blog post I am going to be reviewing the PlayStation Portable (PSP) console; which was a handheld system that originally released back in 2005.

To start off with, I will tell you some information about the PSP handheld console; with the first fact coming from that it was first revealed on 11th May 2004. Secondly, the PSP was part of the seventh generation of video games, which meant that it mainly rivaled with the Nintendo DS – another handheld console. Thirdly, the portable system became the most powerful handheld when launched, and used Universal Media Disc by optical disc format. Finally, there have been many versions of the PSP since it’s release.

For many years now, I have enjoyed portable gaming, and have always had a likening with it over other things; for instance listening to music. Anyway, after owning two DS’ for around eight years, my sister then decided one day in the summer of 2015 that she would let me have her PSP; and since then I have used it very much. As reported about earlier, the console used optical disc format, and with this, it meant that it could ‘show’ graphics comparable to the PlayStation 2. The system used a CPU that was based on a 32-bit core, and had a Dual-Layer storage capacity of up to 1.8 GB. While some people, like myself may not fully understand how it works technically, the PSP is literally neat.


However, the PlayStation Portable wasn’t just based around video games, as the game system could also handle multimedia capabilities; such as a video player and an image viewer. As well as this, the portable was also able to connect with PlayStation 3 systems and home computers, and with this, you could also connect to it’s online store. In these days, where online connectivity for the system has basically been discontinued, really nothing actually changes. While the system is now becoming older as the years roll by, I am sure that I will continue to keep using it for a long time, because in reality, I have really taken a likening to it. In my opinion, the PlayStation Portable is a smart console.


So in the end, I can conclude with saying that the PlayStation Portable system is a very good and reliable console to play with. When reading what I have written from above, I think you can see what my opinions are on it; and from the selection that I currently have at the moment, the PSP is the outright winner. In my opinion, I feel the portable is actually quite unique in how it works, and how it changed the video game industry in the future. To close, the console is all in all a PlayStation that is designed for the go.


I hope you have enjoyed my latest Stephen Miniviews, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below!



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