The Gaming Annoyances

Hello and welcome to today’s blog on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this blog post I am going to be blogging about The Gaming Annoyances, and what my pet peeves are when having a collection of video games.

I know that I have stated this many times before, but I am myself a keen collector for video games, and that I have an interest in the industry it is placed within. Examples of consoles that I collect for include the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, but then with this, it means that I also have a lot of irritation and infuriation with video games; and this is where the idea has came for ‘The Gaming Annoyances’. While I know many friends of mine will just simply not comprehend with what I am saying, this does apply to me.


To start of with, I will talk about video games in terms with collecting them – and first of all, one of my biggest annoyances is when previous owners have ‘customised’ their box case. What I mean by this is when you find a game that has stickers published on it, or other cases for example; and while I understand how some stickers are needed, for like the price at retailers, some of them are simply not needed. Next of all, in terms of talking about retailers, I really hate how games are boxed with the wrong manual or disc – for instance I have bought a PS2 ‘Platinum’ game and it comes boxed with the disc from the original release. However there are many more annoyances that I have!


Now secondarily, I will talk about video games in terms with how they are situated in-game, and first of all, I would say that my biggest annoyance is companies that sell out ‘Season Passes’. This mainly relates to third-person shooter games these days, but what they try to sell to you just aggravates me; as they usually release it at near enough the same price as the retail version of the game. Next, relating mostly to the most recently released consoles; such as the PlayStation 4, updates can start to become a major issue. This factor can be put into two different points – either games can become much bigger in file size, or that you mostly have to download an update before playing a new game.


So from reading what I have spoken about above, you should now at least be able to understand why I have annoyances within the video game industry. Also, repeating what I said earlier, while I know many of my friends will not comprehend with what myself has said, this does indeed apply to me. The one thing I do find odd however, is that most of my pet peeves have only started to aggravate me through the last couple of years. Does this mean that I have some type of OCD? Most likely not, but it could be.


I hope you have enjoyed my latest Stephen Blogs on, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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  1. Jacob Braybrooke says:

    It annoys me when people comment on videos and troll each other on what consoles or games are the best of two similar options.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stephenniven says:

      Agreed – but when talking about comments on YouTube, it is just completely random!


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