My thoughts on Arsene Wenger

Hello and welcome to today’s blog on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this blog post I am going to be blogging about my thoughts on Arsene Wenger; who has been in charge as manager of Arsenal Football Club since September 1996.

When talking about the best football managers in the world, Arsene Wenger is surely one name that would be included in that chat. Nationality of French and manager of Arsenal for over 20 years; you have to admit that what he has done for the sport has changed the regime we live in today. While sometimes ridiculed these days, the phrase of ‘Arsenal’s best ever manager’ will live on for many years, and in today’s blog post I would like to speak about my thoughts on the Frenchman born in Strasbourg, France.


First of all, I would like to talk about what the Frenchman has done for Arsenal since joining back in September 1996. In his first full season (1997-1998), he won the double; winning both the Premier League and FA Cup. This process was then repeated in the 2001-2002 season. As well as this, he also led the team to another FA Cup in 2002-2003, before his most greatest achievement. Under Wenger’s leadership, Arsenal in season 2003-2004 won the Premier League being unbeaten; winning 26 games, and drawing 12 – and actually went 49 games unbeaten throughout this period. Finally, he has also been credible for always finishing in the top four; and helping build our new stadium.


But since those ‘glory days’, what has really happened? In reality not too much; while I understand that the club had issues with finances because of the Emirates Stadium, it meant that we had a limited amount of money and had to sell our best players. But the thing is now; according to many sources, we are one of the most well-financed football teams in the world, and that in the last decade, we have only won a few trophies, such as the FA Cup and Community Shield. We finished 2nd last season, but at this moment in our current season we are in sixth place, and this could mean that we fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in like 20 years. Is our manager to blame?


So in conclusion, after reading what I have written above, you should now be able to understand what my opinions are on Arsene Wenger. While he has done so much for the club; such as helping build the 60,000 capacity Emirates Stadium, as well as sport in general; for instance the player fitness, I feel that this summer would be the right time for him to leave Arsenal. However, if the Arsenal board and Wenger personally agree on another one to two year extension, I guess I’ll just have to try to support him.


I hope you have enjoyed my latest Stephen Blogs on, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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