PES Games Review

Hello and welcome to today’s blog on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this blog post I am going to be reviewing my history of the video games in the PES series; that debuted back in 2001 with ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’.

While PES has become a well known video game franchise since the turn of the new generation, it’s early beginnings are much more complicated; with other series such as International Superstar Soccer and ISS Pro Evolution being developed before the two were eventually merged. If you read my previous blog post, then you would of found out that I have always preferred Pro Evolution Soccer over it’s rival – FIFA, and to add from this, I can say that I own every game since the original title released back in 2001.


Just like my previous blog post about FIFA; I will only be focusing on the home console games – and to start with I would like to talk about the original Pro Evolution Soccer; which is the only PS1 game that I own at the moment. In my opinion, I guess the game is okay and resembles it’s PlayStation 2 counterpart, but however,  it also feels ‘clunky’ too. Carrying on, I would now like to talk about the PlayStation 4 titles; of which I own two of them – Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Both of the two (especially the latter) are actually really fun games to play, and while licenses may still put people off the franchise; this can be easily fixed through the great PES community.


Next, I will talk about the PlayStation 2 line-up of games that I own; which starts from the original ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ in 2001 to ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2014’ that came out back in 2013. These games, in my opinion are my favourite PES titles, and I’m well sure that many others think the same way about this – the first game that I bought was Pro Evolution Soccer 4! Finally, I would like to talk about the games that I own on the Xbox 360; from 2011 to 2015. Overall, rather quite surprisingly, I did not enjoy the titles that much until PES 2014, and this was mainly due to the reason because of how the games functioned. However, I still supported the series entirely and it is now in a great place.


Repeating what I said earlier, I have always liked Pro Evolution Soccer more than it’s rival FIFA; and when looking at my opinions above on the football franchise, you can easily see how I have backed this statement up. While some games in the series have not been great; for instance the gameplay and licenses, I feel that in recent years PES has overturned a lot people’s bad views about it. This also applies to critical reviews as well, and this should mean that I can endure to play these titles for many more years.


I hope you have enjoyed my latest Stephen Reviews, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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