FIFA Games Review

Hello and welcome to today’s blog on Stephen Niven – Mainly about video games! In this blog post I am going to be reviewing my history of the video games in the FIFA series; that debuted back in 1993 with ‘FIFA International Soccer’.

Since it’s creation in the early nineties, FIFA has become an multi-national video game series that has spawned over many different consoles, including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation 4. From my perspective however, the series has always been less favoured in regards to it’s rival – Pro Evolution Soccer, but I have nothing against it. This can be proved as I proudly own every FIFA game since FIFA 96 for the PlayStation! I would say that my most favourite games were from the Xbox 360.


First of all, I am going to start talking about the original PlayStation line-up of games, and adding to this, please note that I am only going to be referencing the home console titles. For the PS1, I own iterations from Soccer 96 to Football 2003, and in the end, I do not find these titles that enjoyable and they are my least favourable out of all. My view could be hindered however, due to graphical limitations at the time. Now next in order are the PlayStation 4 line-up of games, and currently at the moment I only own FIFA 16 and FIFA 17. Generally I have enjoyed both of these two video games, but I feel there is more of an edge to the latest addition – I think the Frostbite engine has sustained this.


Secondarily, following on from previous discussions, I will now talk about the line-up of games from the PlayStation 2. For the PS2, I own every single iteration from 2001 to 14, and in the end, I found these titles more enjoyable and fun to play. By the time the 6th generation console had came up, the graphics had improved quite a lot, and I feel that this helped; but however, I will admit to spending more time playing PES in that origination. Now finally, it’s time for the Xbox 360 line-up of games, and for this console I own five games from FIFA 11 to FIFA 15. Overall, these games for the Microsoft system made me start to be enthralled again, and actually made me appreciate the franchise.


From looking about what I have written above, I think it’s pretty easy to see what my views are on about the long running association football franchise; and when looking at it from critical reviews, it is easy to say that the series has definitely changed over the years. While the batch of video games may not be perfect – from both a technical and personal stand, FIFA has more than likely become EA’s most profitable game, and this means that I will be able to continue playing these titles for many years to come.


I hope you have enjoyed my latest Stephen Reviews, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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